Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Another Busy Week

How is your week going, my lovelies?

Bean is down with fever. He eats and maintains his jolly self so we are going to monitor his progress. The Other Half and I are zombies from keeping watch, sponging and occasionally carrying him to ease his discomfort. Alhamdulillah, he recovered overnight!

If he is not at Playschool, I will have more on my plate than usual.

The Little Girl is getting her exam results back this week and we are excited for her. There always is excitement with our firstborn. 

No, she did not play and sing at the mini concert last Saturday. I saw it coming, remember?

She did, however, perform the whole repertoire perfectly for me to record then Whatsapp to her teacher. Privately. Shy violet. We will have to work on her stage fright. Those videos saved her and she is progressing to JMC Primary 2, alhamdulillah.

We need to work on her stage fright/nervousness pronto since we need her to overcome it by this Saturday. Sports carnival and family day is coming up this weekend and already she is planning on not participating, despite faring well and even winning at the telematch rehearsals.

We have been cheering her on, boosting her morale, explain teamwork spirit and try to gauge her understanding on being a positive contributor towards the coveted championship trophy for Red House. 

Fell on deaf ears, I suspect. 

So here I am, fatigued from the beatings of this week but not quite giving up on extending my best to motivate her. If you know of any good strategies, please do share!


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