Thursday, 19 March 2015

Busy Week

Please pardon my excitement- it is The Little Girl's first exam week at The Big School!

She started on Tuesday with English and Spelling; followed by Mathematics and Science yesterday; with Malay as Foreign Language and Ejaan (Malay Spelling) as ending today. 

Honestly, she did not "study" but played a lot throughout the preparation period. I do not think I will be saying this in 10 years' time, so let me enjoy this prep-free exam period *grin* 

When the Examinable Areas were first disclosed, I made a mental note to check with her if she had understood those lessons as taught in class. When we did go through the books during "revision", I asked if she wanted to clarify any confusion/forgotten lessons. She sounded alright and I left it at that, not wanting to create any self-doubt in her. 

She then watched Cars from Disney and The Wolf Children (highly recommended work by Mamoru Hosoda) and played with her toys. Story time at night was Sukukata for only once (because I panicked, she was fine!).

Bean turned 21 months today. Still 16 teeth with no signs of the final 4. Still breastfeeding at noon, bedtime, 2 am and 5 am as his Happylatch Meals. 9 more months to go, in sha Allah. Precious moments every time I cuddle him for a feed as he is now an active toddler. Alhamdulillah.

More updates on The Little Girl: we have reached the end of JMC Primary 1 so Teacher has lined up a "mini concert" this Saturday. 

Songs to sing: Come And Play With Me and Whales' Sneeze. Solfege. Play 2 songs. The Little Girl chose See You Tomorrow and A Cuckoo Clock on the piano. I am not bringing any extra audience to avoid her getting stage fright, but I am sure The Other Half and Bean will get the best seats in the room. 

The last time she was to act in The Bear Hunt at The Playschool, she clammed up and refused to act upon seeing the many new adult faces. I really hope she will be brave enough this time, as the piano faces the wall and not the audience. 

I still have work pending and really should get going to clear the trays before the weekend starts. I have a very dear friend returning to Tokyo with her children this Sunday *sobs* - how fast 24 months flew us by! See my post on this friendship here.

How is your week going so far, my lovelies? Happy holidays to those enjoying the school break. Safe travels, journey mercies and please do share those beautiful memories!


  1. Salam, sister :)

    Is the baby's name Bean?

    1. Salam Cik Nina,

      It is his nickname on this blog *grins* he has a beautiful and meaningful legally registered name *smiles* we derived Bean from "bin" for his male gender when we first found out. Like a little bean that grew and grew...

    2. Ahaaa, that's very cute! :D

      Suddenly I remember my lecturer when suddenly he asked us to do some meditation about being a seed / bean. Imagine ourselves as a seed / bean (while acting out, lol), then we grow bit by bit until we are fully stretched :) It feels nice like, going out from hard soil.

    3. The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle comes to mind, Cik Nina. SubhanAllah only Allah swt knows which seed will grow and flourish. Man can see how many seeds in an apple, only Allah swt can see how many apples from a seed.