Thursday, 26 March 2015

Botany Observation Homework

I remember doing this Science homework at Primary 5 or 6. My assignment was to put the beans in the dark (deprivation from sunlight) but water it daily. Needless to say, none of the beans sprouted. All I had for show and tell was a container full of greenish black mould, revolting much!

The Little Girl is doing this (and doing it better than I did) at Reception. She listened to the instructions to water it daily, give it some sunshine exposure daily and observe. After numbering the growth sequence correctly, she tried mixing the colour pencils for the right shade to accurately reflect the progress of the bean stalks.

Little details such as this assures me that we are on the right course for her learning experience at The Big School.

Now that the homework is done, and the bean stalks are still thriving, she waters her pet plant once daily. She even warned Bean not to pull or eat her homework. Too adorable!


  1. Salam Hampshire Mummy,

    Awww I remember my science project too. I ended up buying more beans and plant that at home after that.

    What a great learning experience for the little girl. I am making Laith take care of our seedlings and he seems to enjoy it which I am so grateful Alhamdulillah.

  2. Salam Puan L,

    Laith is such a blessed, lucky chap to have not one, but two, gardens to share with your family! Warms my heart to see you doing such a good job raising our next generation *melts*