Friday, 20 March 2015

Our Julia Donaldson Crush

We love books.
We love reading them (over and over, cover to cover) to both our children, especially as a precursor to bedtime.
So, it is natural that we occasionally share our author crush with them. It is also natural that we sometimes hunt down new titles to complete a particular series, the way we did with Eric Carle a couple of years ago.

Last summer in York, we fell in love with Julia Donaldson after reading The Gruffalo. We went on to her many other titles rapidly after that first book. We even have the DVD version of The Graffalo and Room On The Broom, because they are just so wonderful! Waterstones and BHS did an amazing job promoting Julia Donaldson, more thorough than MPH, Borders and Kinokuniya in Malaysia ever did.
Despite my breakneck speed at work and home front this week, I managed to purchase sapu some Julia Donaldson books at an intimate book fair organised by The Playschool. It was held at the large hall. Discounted Julia Donaldson for titles no longer stocked at Kinokuniya KLCC brought The Other Half and I immense joy and satisfaction for finding such gems!
Oh, digressing to the large hall at The Playschool: this cheery and bright hall holds many memories for me personally. The Little Girl had achieved so many firsts, if only these mirrored walls and tall windows can talk. Gym on Mondays, Music on Tuesdays, Ballet on Thursdays, parties, dances, feasts of various festivals, celebrations of many foreign countries...and I have enjoyed being 5 minutes ahead of pick up time, stood outside the sliding door to watch her grow before my very eyes so often in the past.
We are so blessed to have Bean join this little tradition of ours and carry the legacy of his elder sister at The Playschool. Syukur alhamdulillah.

Who is/are your favourite author, my lovelies? Please do share your literary list!


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