Monday, 23 March 2015

Snippets: Qiblat

The Little Girl was really excited to face the Qiblat for saying her prayers a couple of nights ago. With gusto,"Let's face the house of God!" she exclaimed. She then held her palms together, faced Qiblat from her bedroom and recited the 2 Surahs she knows by heart. 

She no longer rushes her recitation, holds better focus and is generally calmer during prayers after learning about Qiblat.


Earlier last week, I briefly introduced her to Mekkah, Kaaba and Qiblat. It is kept brief, concise and so far so good because she seems eager to apply what she learnt. She has more questions for me and I have been rereading my notes from 2008/9 to prepare draft answers in my head. Hopefully when her questions pour my way, I will have clear and short answers ready, in sha Allah.

Oh, Allah swt, may you open my heart and hers to learn more and grow together. May every little step be pleasing  to You, Amin!


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