Thursday, 5 March 2015

Room With A View

This tree is special.

This tree was just a newly planted sapling when The Little Girl first joined The Playschool at 23 months old. She used to look out of this window forlornly to wave her sad goodbyes at me and watched me leave; and then gleefully anticipated my return at noon to bring her home.

Bean is now 20 months and The Little Girl is 59 months.

He gets a much prettier sight out of the same window, in my opinion. I cannot help but feel the passage of time when I saw this soothing mass of green foliage this morning. Indeed, blessings are not always monetary if we care to ponder.

Oh, how this tree has grown, syukur alhamdulillah. And will continue to grow, in sha Allah.

"While he is in such pursuit, all in the world even fish in the sea or any in the hole seek pardon for him, and when he walks, Angels spread out their wings for him." Hadith from The Holy Prophet Muhammad saw, regarding education.


*recalling bittersweet tales from FIL how the kampung folks used to measure their children's age by planting a designated coconut tree upon birth of each child*

**that would mean having two coconut trees in our "imaginary kampong garden", visually estimating leaf scars to guesstimate age of each tree and noting the differing heights, if that were the case - how unscientifically sweet!**

End of digression.

Have a nice day, my lovelies. 


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