Sunday, 29 March 2015

The Little Girl is 5!

The standard issue Rainbow Ruffles Cake, which was a dream come true for The Little Girl. Simple, affordable and delicious!

We ordered another customised Frozen Ruffles Cake for The Little Girl to share with her classmates and teachers. Apologies for not being able to show you this other beautiful 10"x10" lavender, baby blue, baby pink and white ruffles cake as it was surrounded by many young girls and boys whose privacy and identity must be protected *hehehe*

Cakes were from Cake Sense at KLCC. If you ask to see the manager, you can arrange for customised cake design with 3 days' notice. Prices vary according to individual cake specifications.

Due to limited commute time, I could not place an order with our favourite baker in Subang like we did last year. Perhaps next time, in sha Allah.

The Little Girl's most memorable presents this year are Frozen Lego set and ELC Easel. Made her year! She is a year short of being 6 (the recommended age for Frozen Lego set) but we figured she is "big enough". It is Bean we have to watch! As such, the play set is redesigned to her own bedroom's play area instead of being placed at the common play area.

The ELC Easel has a huge footprint so we have decided for it to be kept at The Flat Upstairs. I just cannot handle Bean trying to climb, topple over or snap shut the easel over himself every time I need to prepare meals. 

Her birthday loot this year includes the usual suspects: birthday cards, books and a couple of dresses. 

Bean had his own loot of books, puzzles and cars too, bless!

Madam Kwan's also threw The Little Girl a surprise birthday song and ice cream with a candle after dinner. She had an anxiety attack, hid under the tables, and had tears rolling down her cheeks when The Other Half carried her out of the cafe.  This is not the first time you have read about her anxiety attacks - and I am going to ask her counsellor for ways to cope better. Despite this little incident...

... syukur alhamdulillah for such a lovely birthday. May Allah swt bless The Little Girl always and may she grow up to be a Muslimah solehah. 



  1. Happy Birthday Little Girl!!! That cake looks familiar :) Great choice Hampshire Mummy!

    1. Salam Puan L,

      She chose it herself, I just paid 😂 I guess she had it marked since February when we picked up my cake.

      We did not have time to customise her cake this year....sigh!

  2. Happy Birthday, Little Girl! You are the sweetest, most spirited and happiest girl at school. May you have all the great things in the world that Mommy wishes for you, and you, for yourself. You are now FIVE!!!

  3. I bought the same rainbow ruffle cake for my daughter when she turned 5 last Feb too! I guess great minds think alike, hehe. Happy Birthday to your daughter. :)

    1. Salam Tina,

      Puan L must have spotted the similarity! Your 5 year old is beautiful - and I must agree our girls have the same good taste.

      Take good care, Tina!