Friday, 29 May 2015

Holiday Plans 2015/6

We were informed by my MIL that our family holiday plans for 2016 have been made, and partially paid for. In sha Allah. 2016! It sounds like a long time to go, right? Lots of prayers required here.

Now that 2016 is planned for, we looked into shorter term plans for 2015 *chuckles*

Our August 2015 plans have also been confirmed and paid for. In sha Allah, we will hunt for organic farms and let the kids ride in a tractor. It is about time they learn about sustainable food source and the science behind it all (without the confines of a laboratory of a formal school!).

The summer holiday is relatively long so we have slotted in a beach holiday too; so let's pray for good weather. Hopefully the kids will be excited to put some effort into turtles conservation come September 2015. The Little Girl was very happy to add Peninsula Malaysia East Coast as one of the places to visit.

In sha Allah, December 2015 is going to be a "repeat" holiday like December 2014, and we hope to improvise on the "weaknesses" from 2014. Innovative parents, with unoriginal ideas of where to go, much. Last week, we asked The Little Girl where she would like to go this December 2015 and she chose a local theme park destination, bless her!

Key points:

1. Instead of a long drive, we will break the journey into shorter sprints with fun overnight stays in between cities. Port Dickson and Malacca both seem sensible as en route points to and fro Johor Bahru. We are keen to try out Grand Lexis at Port Dickson or YTL Malacca. 

2. Instead of 2 connecting rooms, we paid for a 2 bedroom suite. I will be the happiest mum if the washer/dryer at Doubletree Johor Bahru works so that we can pack our suitcases home without any wet clothes from the waterpark at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort! I will also be sure to order a delicious bowl of laksa Johor before 11pm!

3. Instead of single entry one day park tickets, we bought a two day park and water play with option of multiple exit and re-entry. It is going to be a matter of time we opt for annual tickets for cost savings.

Wish us luck!

Do you also pre-plan annual holidays, my lovelies? Or are you an impromptu/last minute traveller? Please do share!


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