Friday, 29 May 2015

Snippets: Peace & Quiet

"Mummy, R was absent from school so it was all peace and quiet during my lunch. He was not there to step on my shoes to make it all dirty! He was not there to ask me to finish my spicy food. Yay!", The Little Girl happily exclaimed during our drive home.

Then, softly, she added, "I wonder if he is OK. I hope he is not sick."

R and The Little Girl remind me of one of those grouchy but contentedly married couples in their 80s. Romantic squabbling and endearing affection for one another when together and missing the other like crazy when apart.

May Allah swt Guide your heart in the right sense and increase your compassion for others, my baby. Amin!

An update as of 30 August 2015: R left The Big School to join another school. The Little Girl felt relieved because this means peace and quiet without dirty shoes by Monday lunch time. May R grow sensibly into a gentleman, Amin!


  1. Amin!!! I love it when you write about your Little Girl. Makes me long for one of my own ;)

    1. Hi Puan Liz!

      May Allah swt send you the two best future DIL, amin!

      Not too late to consider and seriously plan on having a girl of your own *wink*