Friday, 15 May 2015

The Leak: Part 1 of 2

Allah swt is really testing my patience of late. The subject is constant, and my "answers" and/or reaction have hopefully improved over the years. Sabr is part of iman and since He keeps testing me, He must really want me to pass!

Two of our air-conditioning units are leaking and since they are out of commission, the comfort level at The Flat has been ...

... severely lacking.

I guess I failed the test right there when I mentioned my discomfort.

The dripping has not stopped for a few nights now, sometimes waking Bean up at wee hours of the night. On a positive note, it sounds quite comforting, like pitter patter after the rain. Can you guess how desperate I am at trying to look for the beauty in this ordeal?

Our timber skirting has warped from water damage. The wallpaper is taking a beating too. I self-soothe by telling myself that this is just a small property damage that can be fixed. Be thankful we still have a home.

The timber flooring strips look wet from beneath despite being mopped up. My fear is rot. If indeed it rots, we will have to get replacement strips. Put in the effort, this is a trial of sabr.

The bucket has to be emptied so often so as not to pose a drowning risk to curious Bean. Be watchful over Bean, he is His Amanah.

On top of that, we are not able to open our windows to let in fresh, cool, clean air because there is none to be found in the city. When we did, briefly, we let in dust, noise and humidity. Much regret but be patient. Clean, clean and clean. 

The serviceman is coming tomorrow and hopefully he can fix this fix we are in, pun intended.

We know he cannot fix the underground pipes without hacking half of The Flat. We know one of the air-conditioning units  have to be rerouted, at best.

So often, I feel so frustrated at the architect and interior designer who had conceived The Flat. Did they not foresee these intricacies? Was it purely a commercial decision?

Until then, I am reconsidering a simple, traditional Malay kampung home at Janda Baik. Freehold. No encumbrances.  Small plot of garden. Time it takes for daily school run...reality check!

Hope the leaks will be fixed for good, in sha Allah. 

Note to self: Be thankful for the lessons derived.


  1. Salam Hampshire Mummy,

    We had the same problem with our A/C before. Zahed is a diy kind of person so he normally does the aircond servicing himself. And then he started procrastinating and water started dripping for a couple of months haha . Thank god he got his modd back and after fixing/servicing it, no more dripping.

    Wow, a house in Janda Baik is one of my dream too. The thought of breathing the clean air, my own little tempting. Just hate thought of paying RM10 worth of toll (to and fro)....I'm cheap like that :p

    Have a great week :)

    1. Salam Puan L,

      A month of dripping! Luckily Zahed got his mojo back. Our servicemen came, fixed it and still it leaked, sigh.

      Janda Baik is a wonderful common dream 😊

  2. If you're complaining about the architect, I'm complaining about the house developers. I general, the quality of work is quite shabby, and it is starting to show in my house. I literally have a wall of tiles just waiting to crash down because the cementing wasn't done properly. Worse still, no one wants to take on the job because if it is not done right, the tiles will crash down and there are no replacement tiles available. Sigh... sabar you say? Sabarrrrrr ;)

    1. Salam dear Liz,

      Lamenting the fate of a nation without skilled workers. Commiserating with you! Sabar, and hope you find reliable talents soon. We recently remodelled ONE bathroom at The House and it took 4 freaking months and a few changes of contractors. Sabar...