Thursday, 21 May 2015

Liquid 3 Vegetables

I got slightly impatient and went ahead with combining 3 vegetables into a single juice. Going to restock my kale when I go to Hock Choon (JY Fruits and Vegetables corner shop) or Village Grocers, Bangsar Village.

So far so good! The kids find this the hardest to gulp down, expectedly. In fact,  the elder and vocal one championed the rights of minor persons at home by asking for "purple juice".


Hampshire Mummy is trying to be a good mummy and this resolution is, of course, passed.

Beet, purple carrot and dragon fruit coming up.

P/S: Each kid took 5ml of pure juice, and my 190 ml x 2 portions worked well for my detox. Consume sparingly and please seek your doctor's opinion before embarking on any detox or juicing regiment.


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