Friday, 29 May 2015

National Service versus Love

Remember my bursting passion to serve my national oil company?

It is back on, almost like a never-ending relationship. Blows hot and cold. Back at square one. Even if the offer is to start from the beginning, like a career comeback. If given a second chance, the next 25 years still seem like golden opportunity to contribute and grow together.

My pulse never left the industry, my network is still growing and news of people movement keeps finding its way to me despite the 6 years gap. Against the odds following the side step manoeuvre to start and grow a family. 

Signs? Only He knows. 

On the flip side, I really enjoy working from home and readily present for my family 100%. Once my gratitude sets in, fear (of lacking) is removed. Such is faith, simply.

In my 6 years of not being in typical full time employment, I have experienced freedom from corporate life, freedom from office politics, freedom to travel and so much more. Life is good, syukur alhamdulillah for His Blessings. He Crafts The Perfect Plan. 

Keeping the faith. May Allah swt remove the obstacles, constantly send me clear answers and shower His blessings upon this area of my life. Amin.