Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Today, I finally gathered my guts and introduced myself to one of the most admired (former) Judges of High Court of Malaya after pondering it over last night (yes to Salam, no to selfie strategy / please laugh at me for being slightly naive and over-thinking things). 

We were in a continued legal professional course along with a group of other practitioners from diverse Corporate Malaysia. Fun people, with creative ideas (myself included, teehee).

Oh, I am so glad I did because what followed was a friendly banter on whistle-blowing, corporate governance, growth of faith in Allah swt, life in general and etc. so many wise words from a person whose life is being well-devoted to Him. Ever so humble, in spite of being ever so experienced and globally respected for his stance on transparency, judiciary independence and good governance.
"Right is right even when you are the only one doing it."

Alhamdulillah for such this blessed encounter with an "old school" person with strong principles and values. Rare gem. May Allah swt bless (ex) Yang Arif forevermore.


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