Monday, 18 May 2015

Teething Bean

16 pearlies with 4 more under those sore, red, hot gums. We may have to give him some homemade, cold, fruit purée lollies in the afternoon to ease discomfort. Bonjela is on stand by...

He is nursing more than usual, sleeping in my arms, and occasionally heats up then breaking out a sweat. 

Thankfully, his appetite and demeanour are not affected. He can count up to 3 now *proud and happy mummy* and sing random alphabets from the ABC Song. The best part is, he can name most colours accurately.

3 words sentences are expanding too - "this is Mummy" and sometimes 4 words sentences "this is blue car". I love his baby voice!

His favourite toys are vehicles with wheels. F1 miniature cars to steam rollers, he loves them all. The little blue BMW car is his ultimate fun ride at home. He calls it Mummy's Car. When he is out with us at carparks he can pick out and name all the ones with the same badge *smacks own forehead* although we keep repeating that Mummy does not own all these cars! If only!!

Oh, Bean. 23 months and growing faster than the speed of light. May Allah swt keep you in His Watch always. Amin.


  1. Amin! He certainly sounds like a very smart boy ;)

    1. Salam Puan Liz,

      In sha Allah he will grow into a wise man. Let's just bask in baby goodness for now :)