Friday, 29 May 2015

Frozen Meals

Impending sahur and sawm, frozen meals have been prepared with a few more portions of dishes to add. 

This is the time of the year I cook "insane" amount of beef rendang and chicken with honey sauce. 

The typical serving at sahur is one portion of beef rendang, rice, cucumber slices, carrot sticks, hard boiled egg, cashew nuts and dates. Followed by at least 2 big glasses of Evian and a cup of hot drink.

We refer to a printed manual in plastic laminate for those 3.30 am meal preparations. This is a wonderful precedent set by my MIL. She had once forgotten to press the cook button on the rice cooker! Luckily for us all, she bought loaves of bread as saviour during unfortunate moments, how clever! Having the sahur SOP has helped me autopilot quickly/assist The Other Half with taking over in the kitchen especially on nights when Bean wakes up for his feed.

Iftar is usually a small meal, to avoid indigestion. The norm is a cold overnight oatmeal with fruits and nuts, dates and hot drinks. Sometimes, The Other Half asks for banana-chocolate smoothie with chia seeds, or rose flavour jelly to soothe his parched throat.

How do you prepare sahur and Iftar, my lovelies? Please do share!


  1. Hi....
    Sahur would be leftover from last night iftar...ehe...Prep time: 3min (microwave)