Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The Leak, Part 2 of 2

Here is an update since my last post about the leaking from our air-conditioner units at the hall, dining room and master bedroom. 

As the temperatures and humidity soared when the air-conditioner units were out of commission, my patience wore thinner.

Thankfully, the rain over a few evenings kept the temperature at night slightly lower than usual. We made do with a few ceiling fans and portable fans. It was bearable, at best. Bean slept in his shorts and tees without his cellular blanket on.

During the day, sweaty and stuffy best described us. We could not leave the windows open as it was humid, dusty and noisy. Often, I asked myself if this "unsustainable" lifestyle of having the air-conditioner on for 24/7 is reasonable. The answer was (is) obvious but where we live is not my call. So I put up with it and tried my best to shut my mental chatter up.

Mental chatter aside, we are now crossing our fingers and toes, hoping and praying that the leak is fixed for good. The contractor finally managed to slot us an appointment and did some serious blueprint search at the management office. 

What he found was shocking.

First shock: All 5 units share one master outlet pipe, and some "dummy" outlet pipes were found, unused of course.

Second shock: This master outlet pipe runs along the height of our wing for the entire block. That is at least 33 floors worth of air-conditioning outlet water to channel out? I pray so hard this will not get blocked perpetually. Who am I kidding, right?

Should we reroute our outlet and resort to activate our own private "currently dummy" pipes? That way, we will be saved the hassle of a blocked master outlet pipe, if and when that happens.

Too shocked, still. Please find me a chair, I need to sit down for a moment and think this through. Moment of needing pedoman from His Almighty...


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