Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Snippets: Homework

It was 8 pm and I gently reminded The Little Girl of her bedtime. 

Her quick retort was that she did rather complete her Mandarin homework and sleep 15 minutes later. 

I wanted to see what she really was up to so I relented. How could she be so eager to write her Mandarin homework?!

15 minutes later, 3 rows of very scribbly characters for grandfather (ye ye) and grandmother (nai nai) were found outside the confines of the square checks she was meant to adhere to. 

Correction work tomorrow is going to be interesting as I anticipate her point of having completed her Mandarin homework, cakar ayam and all.

Being a "banana Chinese" myself, I know the difficulty and challenge in learning Mandarin. Perhaps this is why I feel even more for The Little  Girl!

Oh well, what does not kill us makes us stronger. 

Dui ma?


  1. I once helped my little brother with his mandarin homework. He came home angry at me because I did it wrongly haha. Yup what doesn't kill us makes us stronger! Fighting lil girl!

    1. Salam Puan L!

      Fighting! LOL, you can read and write Mandarin? Wow, salute!!

    2. Waalaikumsalam Hampshire Mummy,

      It's my brother who could read and write. I only took 2 mandarin classes during university years and can only recall a few words :p

    3. You were so brave to do his homework after 2 lessons *clap clap* never mind that you got it wrong for him. Heartwarming to read sibling stories like yours, thank you!