Friday, 18 October 2013

Confinement Helper Checklist

This is my Confinement Helper Checklist which I had drafted and agreed upon by the intended helper. 

I like expectations clearly worded so as to avoid misunderstandings, especially with the early days following childbirth (hormones, adjustment to broken sleep, unexpected visitors, etc).

Unfortunately, we didn't use the checklist as our intended helper flew the kite on us (expression for no show) due to her personal reasons. Allah is The Ultimate Decision Maker, so I wasn't disappointed at all.

The Other Half and I ended up having to do everything by ourselves after The Grandparents left. Exactly as we would have to if we were not in Malaysia.

Here goes:

Prepare breakfast.

Prepare late morning snack or warm drink.

Prepare lunch.

Prepare afternoon snack or warm drink.

Prepare dinner.

Wash up utensils and cutlery, dishes and pots.

Clean up island and wet kitchen counter top.

Clean up induction cooker top.

Wipe down table after meals.

Assist with snacks or milk for The Little Girl.

Assist with playing or reading to The Little Girl in Mandarin when Mummy is nursing Bean.

Feel free to adopt this template! Let me just say that it can quite tiring so if you are blessed with a helper, be especially kind and generous!


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