Tuesday, 22 October 2013

How We Pulled Through

"Daddy Duties During Confinement Checklist" was made because our intended confinement helper could not show up due to her personal reasons.

By then, our weekend cleaner was beginning to slack in her duties and we hung on to her until confinement period was over, not that we had any choice. Closed one eye, smiled and kept our cool. 

Therefore, on days when we were "hazy" and speaking slurred speech from broken sleep, the checklist proved to be handy.

Here's what The Other Half did:

Prepared The Little Girl for school - breakfast, change, school run.

Bought lunch and dinner fresh ingredients, general groceries. Lugged them home. Received goods for online shopping.




Afternoon school run.

Bathed Bean.

Diaper change for Bean whenever needed.

Took The Little Girl to potty and shower whenever needed.

Played with and read to both kids.

Other activities with The Little Girl such as tricycle riding, scootering, bookshops and toys shop hopping, cup cake eating...

Results: one happy wife! Two happy kids! 

The best part is that he lost a few kilograms in 44 days just by doing all that. Awesome work, wouldn't you agree?

Thank you so much, love! Couldn't have done it without you.


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