Monday, 14 October 2013

Philips Airfryer

Love eating fried Spanish Mackarel and thick crinkle cut fries.

Hate frying. The smell, oil pops, greasy kitchen floor, stale air, stained name it, I'd probably have that on my pet peeve list.

Enter the solution to my kitchen woe:

Oil-less. No more fear of oil pops and burns! The frying rack goes into a little neat compartment. Helps me to stay trim too.

Clean kitchen, floor and air. That means more time for the kids and less for follow-up after cooking and eating. 

Easy wash-up (dishwasher friendly). Very important deciding factor in all my utensils and kitchen toys purchase.

I am eager to try frying more in this little helper, as it also saves me from having to fire up the oven. That said, I still love my steamer more!

Do you use one too? Please share your fun and easy recipes!


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