Friday, 18 October 2013

Hospital Bag

I like making lists. One of the lists that I would like to share is the packing and checklist for Hospital Bag.

I did one for The Little Girl and kept the template. Fortunately, PCMC is a better equipped and generous in supplying some of these items compared to SJMC.

Here goes...just be sure to print it and place a copy on top of your bag so in the event that you are not "grabbing and go" in an emergency, someone at home can finish the packing and bring you the bag later.

The usual suspects:

Toothbrush - done
Toothpaste - done
Hair brush - done
Shampoo -done
(PCMC supplies these a la hotel size, not compulsory to pack. I brought my own hair dryer though!)

Facial cleanser - done
Facial serum - done
Body lotion - done
Nipple cream - done
Clothes for going home second trimester size - done
Nursing bra - done
(Bring your own)

Maternity pads - done
(PCMC supplies these. The pharmacy and shop sell them too. I brought my own for that extra relief, Puréen Maternity pads are more comfortable than Mothercare, IMHO)

Underwear - done
(PCMC supplies disposable ones, very comfortable and handy)

Bedroom slippers - done
(Bring your own)

Camera - done
Camera charger - done
iPhone charger - done
(Optional according to your requirement)

Snacks for labour (dates)
Snacks for postpartum (dates)
Surah Ar-Maryam. Need I say more? These dates are the best before, during and after labour! Instant boost of energy and comfort of knowing that both mother and child are getting the best nourishment.

I wish I had air zam zam with me during labour but unfortunately I had consumed my share much earlier at home. Dr. Seri permitted me a good drink in between pushes!

Baby clothes for going home - done
Baby hat - done
(PCMC gave us the cutest beanie for Bean to wear and bring home for keepsake!)

Mamy Poko Newborn Diapers - done
Bepanthen Diaper cream - done
(PCMC supplied them, and many promotional bags have them too but I packed my own. Never too little diapers for the early meconium discharge days)

Mittens - done
Socks - done
(Bean lost quite a few between ward and the nursery, thankfully I packed more than a few pairs)

Car seat - done 
Isofix base - done
Bugaboo - done 
(Never do without car seat. Period)

The Little Girl's spare change of clothes - done
The Little Girl's pull up pants - done
The Little Girl's snacks
Present for The Little Girl from Bean - done
(A mother will always love and worry about her firstborn!)

Breast pump - leave at home
Steriliser - leave at home
(Optional. I passed this time and left them at home with full assurance that The Other Half could have would have brought them in if I needed them. Thankfully not! Bean was pretty good at latching and suckling)

What do you pack? Do you have your own fancy hospital gown that is so en vogue? Do share!


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