Monday, 21 October 2013


No. Not the 7 colours version with pot of gold at both ends.

This version...

Wet dust cannot fly. Simple premise, right?


I know.

Sorry to gross you out.

That's what my Rainbow picks up every other day. Dusts, dead skin, hair, dirt. 

Source: our air, floor, mattresses, sofa, curtains, air cond vents. 

Note: I am allergic to dust and I happen to live in the city centre. Nice work in getting choked lungs, watery eyes, itchy skin. No carpets at home. Sejadah and bathroom mats are the only cotton "mini carpets" you can find here.

Dream: move to the country side with less air pollution. Windows open, bright blue skies...oh Allah, hear my prayers!

Short term solution: Rainbow! Not the leprechaun sort, heh.


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