Friday, 4 October 2013

Nursing In Public

Yes, I do it.
Discreetly, if Bean is due for a feed and the public feeding room is fully occupied.
I use a nursing cover but Bean is at the age where he is able to throw that aside/play. He seems to be more comfortable nursing with just my somewhat long tudung covering. I wear a belly cover to hide what is meant to be hidden (who wants to see those two layers of fat?!).
Do people stare?
Not really, not where I frequently go for groceries, shopping or eat out. Thankfully, people are quite civilised on my side of town (trinity of KLCC, Bangsar and IPC). 

So far, I have not received those dagger looks that translate to "why do you wear the hijab and nurse in public?". Maybe I am discreet about it. Maybe I am just thick-skinned after all these years.
That said, I always try to feed Bean before leaving home, plan the nursing room visits for his feeds and pray that his feed will last him until we get home. Starting every feed with bismillah and ending it with Alhamdulillah never hurts.

Happy breastfeeding and confidently enjoy your NIP!


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