Friday, 12 September 2014


A happy post for a change. 

38 random things about me.

Here we go.

1. I am 38 this year (duh!). I do not feel 38, and I am not entirely sure if I do "behave" like a 38 year old. I love waking up at 9 am and go to bed at 9.30 pm but we all know that this is not possible.

2. I am a work from home mum and never once imagined myself to be this person living this life. Growing up, I always had a vision of me in a power skirt suit, as one of the members of board of directors of a financial institution. Specific dreams, not so accurate in reality. We plan, He decides indeed!

3. I love the colours black, white and navy. My wardrobe mostly consist of these 3 colours. 

4. I love denim pants. They keep me neat, covered and able to chase after my young children. Yes, my resolution to part with them has failed. I give myself another 2 years.

5. I wear the headscarf. Regardless of country I am in because commandment from Allah swt is worldwide, don't you agree? I adjust the thickness according to season. People who incite me not to don the headscarf when I am outside Malaysia really do not understand my faith, or its practices. I wish them well and that hopefully Hidayah will someday enlighten them.

5. I love volume skirts. Provided I am not at the grocer's or baby gym. 

6. I love fruits. Fresh, sliced and wholesome. On its own, in my oats porridge, on my pancakes, mixed through my salad or juiced. 

7. I love vegetables. I wish the organic ones do not cost as much as they currently do.

8. I prefer goats milk over cows milk. No IBS, a good gut start!

9. I sometimes see my life pass me by. Especially when I wait for my children at the play area (2 hours have passed and still they refuse to budge). Hence my relationship with my blog, not so much my Facebook account.

10. I love dark chocolates. 

11. I chew my mouthful of food at least 20 times.

12. I chew with my mouth closed.

13. I do not talk with my mouth full.

14. I put my spoon down between mouthfuls. Not by choice. I have to assist 2 children with their meals. 

15. I love having my elbows on the table. I know this is rude in some cultures but since my Greek girlfriend has yet to tell me off...

16. My second tier favourite colours are green and purple but you will often find gray and beige in my possession. 

17. Despite not liking the colour red on my clothing, I do not mind red on shoes, belts and handbags. Never on my  headscarf though.

18. I am quite neat, and clean.

19. I wash my hair daily. Well, I shower twice a day. Don't you?

20. I learnt to play the piano both by ear and by theory. This year. Online via FaceTime, with my teacher who lives in Melbourne. Awesome, much?

21. I used to doodle and sketch but cannot remember why I had stopped. *looking for my sketch pad and 2B pencil*

22. I enjoy art galleries, plays, stand up comedies, sketches, opera, philharmonic orchestra and movies. YouTube included, provided the content is beneficially entertaining.

23. I enjoy K-dramas with English subtitles but haven't found time to watch any this year. I hear my friends raving about The Heirs!

24. My front tooth on the left started "moving" and I now have to smile for the camera with my lips curled into a smile with my teeth showing. Unless it is a good angle from my left which hides the left front tooth's odd angle. Vain, much?

25. I really enjoy shopping on my own. I make most mistakes when shopping with my children (even when I have a list for groceries and supplies!). 

26. I enjoy the bliss of watching my children sleep. Provided I haven't konked out first. 

27. My electricity bill is scary because I rely on electrical bibik a lot. I am still mentally debating if Kuvings and TMX should join my arsenal as I have limited cabinet space.

28. I have considered hiring a human bibik but I am not ready to share my personal space with one.

29. I am relatively short, at 158cm. I foresee being the shortest person in my household by the time my children are teenagers.

30. I am relatively light, at 48kg. I foresee being the lightest person in my household by the time my children are teenagers. My husband suspects I will be right. 

31. I quite enjoy housework. Mostly due to numbers 18 and 28 above. Seeing a clean flat for my children to live and play in bring me immense satisfaction. I get all irritable and nervous when the flat is messy or dirty. 

32. I detest drama and fake people in real life. I have no. 23, if I want some drama and fake people.

33. I believe in sincerity. 

34. I believe in working hard at work and on myself. Especially myself, and my walk of faith. How to be a better wife, mum, DIL, SIL, servant of Allah swt, friend, colleague. 

35. I do not obsess over any designer brands but will buy what suits me. That has somehow landed me with quite a few designer items which wear well, are comfortable and durable. Equally, there are some local designs and products that are good and serve me well. 

36. I miss working full time from an office (sometimes, wishful thinking moments) but I know that is not possible right now (and I do not envy those who are able to/ have to). 

37. I wish I earn more so that I can give more (be it zakat or charity). 

38. I am blessed and have Allah swt to thank for my life and everything in it. Syukur alhamdulillah!

P/S: this post is easier than I thought! Feel free to post yours *smile*


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