Monday, 22 September 2014

Sofa Trade-In

We owned our previous sofa for about 3 years and just about 2 months before EidulFitr this year, we scouted for someone keen enough to reupholster our then sofa set.

Shock and horror came our way as we discovered that the cost of a new set after trade-in at Cellini's was going to be considerably lower than just getting new covers on.

We did the next practical thing which was to order the exact same beloved L-shaped sofa and another 2-seater in their new spill-guard fabric and stuck to a safely fashionable/children-friendly clay colour. 

The trade-in deal was so financially-savvy we thought we would like to share this little known offer available at Cellini with you!

Just ask your sofa maker if the same deal is extended to you?

Happy choosing!


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