Sunday, 7 September 2014

Mooncake Festival

We eat halal moon cakes, and this year these sweet delicacy seem less sugary than years before. I say this is a good thing!

The Little Girl had built a red paper lantern decorated with some purple paper butterflies in her art class. 

This year, we opted out of the moonlight party at The Playschool as we adhere to good advice given by Ustaz Abd Rashid. It was held last Friday evening and from updates online, everyone had a great time. The lanterns were colourful, food and drinks plentiful with endless stream of fun and laughter from the little, excited ones. Syukur alhamdulillah for diversity of cultures being celebrated in peace. 

As for friends who are celebrating, have a very joyous and blessed mid-autumn festival! Watch the calories in those preserved duck egg yolks...I think I night just patter into the kitchen now to share the last moon cake with The Other Half over a cup of tea and catch up with him.

To those who are using matches to light little candles, be very careful not to burn yourself, others and properties! Is Bomba 999 or 994? Do you know?

Take good care!


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