Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Eiduladha Mubarak!

2 years ago, we discovered that we were expecting Bean, on Eiduladha Day. I will always remember the experience with a warm heart and it never fails to put a smile on my face.

This year, we hope to just sit back and give thanks for all His blessings. When we reflect upon our blessings, we also wish for others to have some of the blessings we enjoy.

One such hope is for Mamapumpkin and Nana. My lovelies, you have my very best prayers for your health and healing. 

I would strongly encourage my lovely readers to say a special prayer for this mother-daughter set. Their struggle has been originally posted here. May light and love be in your lives, always, Amin!

If your family celebrates Eiduladha in a big way, do consider these lovely Peter Pan collared baju kurung for your little girls! Shop for Kupu-Kupu hereI had a wonderful experience when I last bought my children's EidulFitr outfits. Payment mode was simple and delivery was timely. Those  were definitely plus points to me! I am anticipating more of her exclusive designs and materials. In fact, the brand is expanding, and you may apply here.

To those performing Hajj this year, may your wonderful journey to His Home and Qurban be blessed manifolds. Have a safe Hajj!

Gentle reminder to fellow Muslim brothers and sisters: Please do not leave out Zakat Qurban.


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