Sunday, 7 September 2014

Night Terrors

My 4.5 year old daughter still suffers from night terrors and they tend to strike at 2am. These episodes have resulted in us being somewhat irritable as her sharp and loud cries would often escalate into waking an entire household up.

Added to the recent jetlag recovery (took us longer due to her night terrors), we resorted to seeking divine intervention at Darussyifa Bangi. I will blog about the treatment once I can, in sha Allah!

Ustaz Abd Rashid did advise us not to stay out later than Maghrib, to give the kids their evening baths by 6.30 pm and basically say a complete goodnight supplication for them at every bed time. We also shared our bidara-infused drinking and bath water with them for 3 days.

Syukur alhamdulillah everyone is on the road to recovery.

(Digression: My greatest challenge is solat, and to overcome this I really need to commit the entire solat to memory instead of relying on The Other Half as imam. Wish me luck, or rather, keep me in your supplication for ease to come my way. I strongly believe everything will fall in place once I am an independent Muslimah.)

Fortunately, such night terrors have subsided from a full blown 2am repertoire to a whiny few minutes of irritating noise that may be calmed with some supplications and sometimes a cuddle or two. Lying down beside her and patting her back to sleep has a 50% chance of success, and that is like saying try for whatever works. As long as Bean remains unperturbed and sleeping, all is good. However, my rage flies when The Little Girl wakes Bean up, as it can be quite a circus trying to put two kids back to sleep before subuh

Tiring nights, panda eyes for The Other Half and I as we juggle working from home and raising two kids without any external help. Can you tell we are struggling as hard as other parents with two children under 5 years old?

How do you handle such night terrors? Please do share!


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