Thursday, 11 September 2014

I Miss My Little Girl

When bedtime beckons for her, Bean is usually nursing and trying to sleep too. I have no choice but nurse him and coax him to sleep.

But my heart is torn between duty and emotions.

Lately, The Little Girl comes to say goodnight, sometimes she would whimper pitifully and lulls herself to sleep in her own bedroom with the air cond and night light on.

I miss her. 

I miss her so much.

I miss reading her those two mandatory story books. 

I miss singing her Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars. 

I miss hearing her recite al-Fatihah and giving thanksgiving for all His Blessings.

Oh, how my heart aches for her good company!

Then, she breaks into tears randomly at whatever hour and wakes the entire household up.

Just when I am exhausted beyond words and is dying for some sleep. That is when I feel guilty for not missing this bit about her. 

And so the cycle goes. Sigh.


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