Friday, 26 September 2014

Mid Term Break

We have the following options for our upcoming mid-term break:
1. Penang
2. Cameron Highlands
3. Malacca

We were thinking of the above options as Bean can now toddle and may enjoy some wide open spaces. 

I guess we can start looking for a good deal at Agoda soon. Let's start that by recalling my username and password, shall we? 

If for some reason we are not able to go away, we'd better come up with a list of things we can do in the city and nearby!

Here is what we have done/to do in our little bucket list and I am sorry for not categorising them neatly. You generally have a broad understanding of how humid KL can be so we always welcome some indoor activities!

Things To Do During School Holidays/Weekends:

Karyaneka for batik lessons
KL Tower and Buffet Lunch
KLCC Skybridge
Philharmonic Matinee Show
Balai Seni Negara
Pavilion and Bukit Bintang 
Suria KLCC, especially the Playground
Empire The Shopping Gallery
Kiara Park Picnic
Kepong Kite Flying Ground
BSC skating rink
Farm in the City
Bukit Tinggi
Sekinchan Paddy Fields

And if we absolutely have to stay at home for some reason(s):
Painting and vegetable printing
Play-Doh (at home), I will link the homemade recipe once I can.
Playdate by inviting friends over

Someone please help me think up a new places to go and fun things to do. Thank you.

*my Friday nights are so not happening!*


  1. Actually, they should learn to do nothing. We don't always have to have an activity planned out for the kids lest you allow them to lead the way to either discover their interests or tell you what they would like to do. Holidays are always nice though!!

  2. U guys are much better than me. I need to start thinking of new places to go and thanks for giving me new ideas

    1. Sharing is caring, Drama Queen! Feel free to try some of these places, and have fun!

  3. Mamapumpkin, that's a brilliant idea! I would imagine myself at Langkawi with only one activity for the kids - beach!