Thursday, 9 October 2014

14 Teeth

Bean has added a bottom right pramolar to his chewing crew. Homemade chicken popcorn gets eaten faster than ever, cooling cucumber sticks chopped off faster than I can blink.

It is sweet of him to offer to brush his own teeth as part of his evening routine. One toothbrush for him to explore with, the other for me to actually brush his 14 teeth with. Occasionally, he would refuse to place his toothbrush back or runs away with it with loud laughter, sporting a huge mischievous grin. 

We forgot we have this soothing gel to calm his teething discomfort, how silly! We used to rub some on every evening when he was cutting his incisors. Maybe we should resume...

Alhamdulillah he slept well last night, and may he sleep well for many nights to come, Amin!


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