Thursday, 2 October 2014

Floor Mat Safety

Late last year, I learnt of a sad incident where a child ran, slipped, knocked the back of her head really hard and went into a coma. She eventually died without gaining consciousness. She was 5.

When an unfortunate incident such as the above happens, it prompts me to look into the health and safety issues we have at The Flat.

One way I thought we can prevent injuries is to stow away clean floor mats away from curious little ones who will play magic carpet rides etc with them. Very good for imagination, not so good in terms of slipping risk. (Please keep those little Aladdins and Princesses Jasmine under watchful eyes).

Another way I thought we can prevent slippy floor mats is to add the grip tape to the underside of our floor mats so that they stay, well, gripped. 

The grip tape we are currently using was bought from Lakeland in York, but I have been informed that similar ones are available at Home-Fix around Klang Valley.

Take a minute of your next floor mat change, please tape on each corner just about 2" of grip tape on the underside. 

Better safe than sorry. 

Keep safe, my lovelies!


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