Thursday, 9 October 2014

KL Bird Park

It was 10 am, just in time for the feeding session. Hot and humid, as expected. We paid the discounted entry fees by producing our respective MyKad and MyKid cards. Parking was free of charge.

Mr. Peacock.

Madam Peafowl.

Scarlet ibis, a visual treat for all of us that morning. The stream was a free and easy open space which we prefer over large cages where the hornbills were kept.

There were also fenced and caged areas for emu and ostrich which left us to later on wonder the purpose of so doing to flightless birds as KL Bird Park is a covered aviary. 

Regrettably, there was no baby change room in sight, so we were understandably overjoyed to find Bean's dry diaper that morning.

Fortunately, we have packed along some drinking water for the little ones, and Hornbill Café sells icy cold Ribena at the exit point, which we deemed as necessary treat upon completing the circuit on a humid day. The strong blast of cool air from air-conditioning units was a bonus!

Would we return next year, as we tend to visit the Bird Park once annually?

In sha Allah, yes. 

Enjoy your day out, my lovelies!


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