Friday, 17 October 2014

Soul Food

I, the cook, have a sore throat and presumptiously brought out the couldron to boil some chicken soup (for the soul). 

A sickly cook is not the best cook. I gathered every bit of energy left and started making dinner at 3.30 pm! 

An hour later, dinner was served.

4.30 pm!! 

You read that right.

The "high tea" was macaroni with cheese for The Little Girl and Bean; while The Other Half and I ate macaroni with braised mushroom and butter chicken in maple syrup sauce. 

High tea concluded at 5.30 pm and we quickly washed Bean as he was screaming for some sleep after a busy day. 

The Little Girl is slightly more resilient, and  is now enjoying her evening routine of shower, story books, a few bottles of goats' milk and clean up time before being tucked in. 

Oh, just as well we didn't eat out tonight because the evening shower promptly fell during the evening rush hour and the artery outside is blocked, true to Friday exodus from KLCC. It is not monsoon thunderstorm, luckily for those still stuck and probably thinking of RM2.50/l of petrol as the sea of red lights flickered. 

Have a great weekend, my lovelies! Safe travels and happy holidays to those who are celebrating Diwali/term break. 


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