Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Day 2 Malacca

Our second day at Malacca was a pleasant surprise. We chanced upon Melaka Bird Park with canopy walk! 

Unfortunately Bean was having his morning nap so he missed most of the climbing and walking atop the park The Little Girl had enjoyed herself thoroughly with The Other Half. In hindsight, we should have bought the birdfeed sold at the entrance to make the visit even more interesting for The Little Girl.

The Melaka Bird Park is relatively new, and the birds looked "fresher" compared to KL Bird Park. 
After cooling down with some cold drinks at the café, we drove to Melaka Mall for lunch but could not find anything suitable and had to force down a meal at McDonald's. The kids ate very little as they are not used to fast food. After lunch, we saw Aeon with slightly broader food option just across the street *facepalm*

We tried going to Mini Malaysia but rain started to pour as soon as we arrived at its entrance so it was very quickly decided that a rain cheque was most apt.

The monsoon rain poured on and by 4 pm, we took out our brollies, packed Bean into my Ergobaby carrier, braved the raindrops-puddles-on-the-road and took the kids to Istana Budaya and Independence Museum nearby. They also saw Fort A Famosa but especially enjoyed running along the long corridors inside Istana Budaya. 

The Little Girl saw a flagpole with Malaysia flag drenched in the rain so The Other Half and I sang her our national anthem to cheer her up. Patriotism must be instilled from young, and we wish for her to be proud of being a Malaysian. Bean sang too, if you count teepateepateh as a tune!

Dinner was a convenient meal via room service and the kids slept early after being washed, exhausted from sightseeing. They were recharging for another day promised with adventures, bless!


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