Thursday, 2 October 2014

Gratitude: Official Affairs

I am thankful for smooth completion of some official affairs today.

Especially so because I have not done an increase of authorised share capital exercise since 2008!

Firstly, a receiving officer at Maybank KLCC was efficient at her task despite the long queue. Her smile was a plus point. She did not seem stressed out at all, and seemed to enjoy her job - how sweet!

Secondly,  an officer behind the counter was especially kind and smiley which just makes my day. A smile is one of the best charity one can do all the time. May Allah swt bless them both.

Thirdly, I discovered that I secretly enjoy my quiet "me-time" during long wait at the queues today. I cannot remember the last time I could just stand in line patiently, my mind free to think of ideas without getting interrupted by chatter or noise (usual suspects being my kids!). That to me, was resting. I wasn't multi-tasking, I wasn't rushing. I was just present. Thank Allah swt for that gentle reminder that we can remember Him and Praise Him more during such "down time". 

With all the official business of the day concluded, and the Jamie Oliver Roast Chicken that did not burn in our oven, thank You!

How about you, my lovelies? Did you have a fruitful day too?

P/S: Our printer broke down last night but only after all my essential papers for this morning have been printed. Do you see how He Wills everything to happen, or otherwise? SubhanAllah!


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