Wednesday, 15 October 2014

An Apology For Delays

I finally made it a point this morning to compile my bank statements for the last 7 years. It feels good to be able to have easy access to them in a neat file should the need arise again for quick reference/documentary evidence of transactions.

The neat freak in me loves this exercise so much that it has spilled over to insurance, trust, and other financial related documents relating to both personal and work areas.

Once they are orderly, I am going to review each and every file to better manage each of them. Which insurance policies require inflation adjustments, which trust beneficiaries require better stipends, which properties require rental increment reviews etc.

Looks like a busy week ahead, and I am loving it! If indeed you receive a message from me in the next week or two, you will know for sure your matter is being handled, managed and taken care of. As for the few who are experiencing delays, I promise to pull myself together and work expediently on your matter.

Until then, take good care, my lovelies!


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