Monday, 27 October 2014

Ahjumma Alert

One of the ways I destress is by watching  K-dramas (DVD box set which allows for flexibility of time I take to finish a series). 

The last was "Shark" as it was attention-grabbing till the very end. I first caught it on Astro and enjoyed it so much I bought the box set to re-watch in future. It has joined my stash of Sex And The City and Lipstick Jungle!

In search of something new, I had recently stumbled upon "I Can Hear Your Voice" and find it thrilling enough to desire following all 18 episodes. I watch an episode a week, so it is really slow going for me. K-drama marathons are unfortunately a luxury I cannot afford as sleep, broken or otherwise, is vital for me to properly function. 

Watching fictional dramas allow some silliness into my already too real, tiring and sometimes stressful life. I like the fact that plots are merely fiction, therefore the events depicted do not affect my emotions.

Korean fashion and screenplay style is a fresh change from Hollywood production. I suspect this is the same reason why I enjoy independent films from Europe, when I can find good ones with English subtitles. The clean, bright and happy aura from romance fore story, despite murder backstories in courtroom drama, is uplifting!

Are you an ahjumma too? Which K-drama series would you recommend, and why? Please do share!


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