Thursday, 23 October 2014

Day 4 Malacca

We got a bright and early start to visit some of the remaining museums near the hotel right after breakfast. The Little Girl kept a mental checklist of which buildings we "needed" to go by eliminating those we had already been to. 

At 9 am, we were probably the first visitors at the UMNO Museum. I bet we almost beat the staff to the punch card machines! The best thing about having been early was that we could capture a human-traffic free photo of the Fort A Formosa:


The other museums were not as captivating as all The Little Girl could think about was the playground! There weren't any interactive displays to our dismay. 

Curious note: what is the difference between stamp museum and philately museum, can someone please point out the difference(s) to me? I thought the Melaka Stamp Museum should be Melaka Philately Museum simply because it contained a very detailed display of more than just stamps. Perhaps we should credit the museum for its extensive philatelic collection?

Incidentally we had sung the national anthem under the flag that previous rainy afternoon and she remembered! The tune, some lyrics and especially memories of her nutty family! We sang another round of our national anthem then paced back to the hotel as we had to meet the check-out deadline at noon, with a preceding lunch via room service. 

At the end of this trip, we did promise her another trip to this wonderful historical city when she gets local history and geography to learn up at The Big School. 

Our drive back to Ayer Keroh toll via Jonker area was quite interesting as we got a glimpse of various shop façade. Garmin very nearly led us home via the country roads (that would have been scenic indeed!) but we were just dying to get back home as quickly as we could so we hit "override" Garmin by following the reliable and clear road signs. Perhaps, scenic route next time, in sha Allah. The best part about our drive home just had to be the sight of two sleeping children, snoring away, exhausted from new sensorial overdose. 

Syukur Alhamdulillah for the short, sweet and safe mini break. Thank you for hosting us, Malacca!


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