Friday, 10 October 2014

Another Speedy Indeedy Meal

It has been hazy, humid and affecting our appetite for heavy meals. 

My mojo for cooking seems to deteriorate every time the API index gets higher *wonderful excuse to tell The Other Half* but eat healthily and wholesomely we still must do!

Light meals such as cheese sandwiches with fruit salad at lunch serve us well. The more fruits and vegetables we consume during such hazy days, the lesser chance of us falling ill. 

As for me, the cook, no cooking makes me happy! The fruit salad changes every time as I prepare a combination of random seasonal fruits we happen to have in the fruit drawer of our fridge.

Give it a munch and let me know if you enjoy the clean, refreshing taste as much as we do.

Bon appetit!


  1. i wish that my other half n kids also can just eat like this hehe.. never know they all is "lidah belacan"

    1. I have days when I crave for sambal petai *drool*