Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Day 3 Malacca

Mini Malaysia was a huge success with the kids on our third day in Malacca. They explored all 13 state houses.

Here is a summary of what they did:
Removed shoes.
Climbed up steps.
Checked every room.
Ran along every corridor.
Peeped out of every window.
Jumped on every verandah.
Stood under every fan.
Climbed down steps.
Put on shoes.
Ran to the house next door.

x 13!

At "high speed mode"!

Havoc is an understatement!!

I do not know how a small portion of breakfast at the hotel can power them on endlessly?!

The Little Girl was later treated her second round of pony ride, a whole can of cold, sugary soya bean drink to cool down and 3 copies of family photographs from the booth (modus operand: Mini Malaysia staff would capture family photos at the entrance before anyone is drenched in perspiration, how clever!).

We were so exhausted and famished at the end of it, we rewarded ourselves with a delicious and sumptuous lunch at Kampachi. Initially, we thought the kids would konk out after the meal fit for a king; but they were so full of energy they wanted more to do!

So, out we went to Jonker Walk, TLDM Museum, Customs Museum and The Ship. Stadhuys was under renovation and shut, unfortunately.

The long and hot walk ended at the playground near Taming Sari Tower (the queue to ride up the tower was too long for us to even want to think about joining it). Since the skies were hazy, we decided to strike this off our checklist.

Disappointingly, it was another evening of dinner via room service (but the good food makes up for it!); and early night in for everyone after being washed up. Truly, I wished for some halal nyonya cuisine but alas...


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