Sunday, 23 August 2015

Autumn 2015

We have something to look forward come September 2015. The Little Girl, who is going to be 5 years and 6 months then, is going to Year 1 (and be doing work for Year 2). InshaAllah.

I think she read her Roald Dahl prescribed literature the week we got her books, about a fortnight ago. And she loves it! Since then, she had been asking for more of his published books whenever we are at MPH or Borders. 

We haven't been able to label her books with LetraTag or wrap them with Popular Bookstore clear plastic booksleeves because we haven't been told the name of her new class. The OCD in me just wants to complete this task and pack the school bag neatly *blush*

Speaking of OCD, I have purchased, washed and ironed her new school shirts and pinafores. Her Friday Baju Kurung is being tailored as I write this entry. We even found her 2 new pairs of navy thights to spare for days with sports or swimming. The prescribed black pairs will be released come autumn/winter at British/USA retailers, so I am not panicking just yet. If the worst comes to the worst, she will have to make do with navy first until black is released. There are black thights being sold at CottonOn Kids but those did not last us very long as The Little Girl came home with holes in them. 

She will be needing new white canvas shoes and white socks too but the search had been futile so far as not many local stores cater to international schools. Bata and Kikilala told me outright the shoes restock will be this November. Well, they should try to release their stock earlier, because not every international school prescribes black shoes with black socks. 

Fortunately, I have an upsize new pair in storage which we can use until new arrival. This taught me to stock up this November to last us until next November. We put 2 pairs out on rotation. So far, this strategy had seen us through rainy days, sports days, muddy paths, Pepsi-cola games and other random games involving stepping on shoes of fellow classmates.

We mark her shoes using permanent marker. Whenever it gets lighter from washing, we just rewrite her name. Simple, fuss-free. It is vital to name shoes because other students may have the same shoe in the same size and after removing their shoes for swim class, vocal or dance lessons...they return happy and high - then blur and panick  as all canvas shoes look the same to the little ones!

Canvas shoes are washed, dried in the sun along our windowsill and then chalked. We get the liquid chalk with applicator sponge stick from Bata/Pallas.

We also looked at designs from Adidas,
Vans, Converse, Reebok and Nike but my daughter does not want shoelaces! 

StrideRite has white rubber shoes with double Velcro straps, but unfortunately not washable. Hygiene factor wise, a non-washable pair is a plain no-go. 

We were out looking for a new trolley school bag but she has yet to decide if Inside Out is exactly the design she wants. I suggested washing and drying her current Frozen trolley bag to save some money and, surprisingly, she agreed! Bless! For that, I think I will treat her to a new pencil case and a new box of colour pencils *grins* oh, the joy of labelling every single colour pencil *wide grin*

The most expensive backpack I have seen all year as a pink MCM leather backpack on another little girl at school. Uber sweet!

The reality is, my own daughter will probably trash hers about. Something like this would be more realistic:

I can even match hers with this, on me:

Alright, I will not freak her out with something so heavy on her back every Thursday when homework is being packed home, to be returned equally heavy every Monday...trolley school bag it is for now.

That said, I am going to relax and go away on a holiday or two with my family. Syukur alhamdulillah for those little blessings in our lives. To those who are also going on holidays, we wish you safe journey and return. May our respective holidays be filled with lovely and joyful memories. Amin

Have you made any preparations for the new term? Please do share! 


  1. Salam Hampshire Mummy,

    Wow Year 1 already! Hope you have a great holiday with the fam <3

    1. Wa alaikumsalam Puan Leila!

      Time really flies. I have to double check her swimming gear and white canvas shoes after our holidays *growth spurts*

      Loving our holiday so far!