Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Spiraliser For Zoodles: Part 1 of 2

I got this Spiraliser from Lazada for about RM59.00. Exact same thing is being sold on Amazon, for more. Note to self: Pays to check local sites first when shopping online.

Of course I was excited to test if my unit was fit for purpose, as soon as it had arrived. Off I went to find 2 medium zucchini a few weeks ago and came home to make zoodles right away. Medium-sized zucchini is best because it produces seedless and smooth zoodles.

My next project is Asam Laksa Penang using cucumber to replace rice noodles. I am going to save myself the hardwork by *starts whispering* buying the soup and condiment from Ah Cheng Laksa *ends whispering*. Hack it till I make it, yes!!

Honestly, this spiraliser is alright but I personally prefer a less flimsy design, I have sent this unit into the recycling bin because I have no patience for flimsy kitchen tools. Let me know if you have a sturdier recommendation! I also have my Magimix 4200XL to explore, of course. 

P/S: I will update a photo of my zoodles when I make some again. The first few went so well and disappeared fast before I could whip out my iPhone!


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