Friday, 28 August 2015

Summer 2015 Retreat Summary: Day 5

Final day!

Oh, Bean slept in again as he was up until wee hours of the morning after a bad bout of cough. He was playing, reading, snacking and chatting from 12.30 am until 5 am. Naturally, I missed my breakfast too.

The Other Half and The Little Girl had really enjoyed their quality father:daughter 1:1 breakfast time, SubhanAllah! Their mornings have been filled with sharing of beef bacon, beef sausages, croissants and refills of fresh orange juice for her /long black for him. Poached eggs on toast, how I miss(ed) you!!

Once Bean woke up, I quickly packed up our bags and got us ready for check-out by 11 am. We loaded all our luggages using the exit from our own balcony, it was fun, speedy, private and most convenient. The lane leading up to our room is on private resort road away from the main thoroughfare. Security at the resort was reliable and impeccable throughout our stay.

On our way to Habu, we stopped by the final tea destination at yet another Cameron Valley Bharat Plantation. The noon sun was high upon us at 26C so we skipped the tea bush walk. 

Our descent to Tapah was safe without any speeding vegetable trucks, syukur alhamdulillah. We made a short pitstop to purchase some really sweet local wild rambutan at Lata Iskandar too. 

We had a great time. Thank you, Cameron Highlands! InshaAllah, we will be back.


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