Sunday, 9 August 2015

Easy Peasy Recipe: Macaroni Stir Fry

Formula: Pasta + 2 or 3 vegetables + 1 Protein
+ Baby Pak Choy
+ Carrots
+ French Beans
+ Onions
+ Fish Ball
+ Olive Oil (1 tablespoon) to grease wok

1. Boil macaroni, drain and set aside.
2. Soften carrots and onions in greased wok.
3. Stir in Baby Pak Choy stems and French Beans.
4. Add Baby Pak Choy leaves and Fish Balls.
5. Stir in boiled macaroni and gently toss.
6. Sea salt and pepper to taste. 

 The hardest part was having to chop up of all the vegetables *giggles*

We usually use whatever vegetables and whatever protein is in our fridge, so inevitably this dish looks different every single time. When we run out of protein, we give it a sprinkle of nuts (cashews and pine are firm favourites!). When I am feeling super-able, I make fried egg strips for the protein portion. 

Changing the type of pasta is the easiest way to present this dish differently, or at least my kids seem to think so. We all love this simple dish, as so it has been in our rotating dinner menu for 5 years.

See what I mean by same formula and this dish turns out dramatically different every time? Quite often, we skip the pasta and have carrots or zucchini spirals  instead!

Well, I foresee my kids being able to cook this for themselves when they are working adults with family of their own, inshaAllah.

Bon appetit!


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