Friday, 14 August 2015

Summer 2015

Syukur alhamdulillah the final week of school will be upon us soon. It has been an awesome school year and we hope for the best for the next few days. Year End Concert, Report Card Day, how exciting!

Some classmates from The Little Girl's Big School will be withdrawing. Some are  leaving for good and go to other schools, some are withdrawing for a host of personal reasons and some are just tired from the rigour required equally for academic, sports, music and etc. therefore taking a short breather. Time out to recharge. Time out to explore options.

As hard as it must have been for some parents to have come to their respective decisions, they would have considered all angles, then picked what suits their respective families best.

"Never for once think that whichever school you have selected will be best suited to you and your family forever."

Circumstances change, people change, His Plans come into play. Personally, this is a wise piece of advice I have received from a fellow mum and I am grateful. 

We wish those friends adieu/see you again. Life is such that people come and people go. Nothing is certain except His Plans. Some friendships last, some are meant to be revived later, while some to be better nurtured elsewhere. 

Yes, even at 5+ years old. As a mother, I can only guide then watch as she bids her goodbyes, or navigate a "please keep in touch" arrangement. Her emotional maturity is reflected in the choices she makes, SubhanAllah! May Allah swt Guide and Protect her. Amin!

To returning classmates, let's have another fantastic year come September! Let's have fun flourishing together. Comfort in familiar faces are assuring too, so hold our hands and thank you for your return.

Just as it is heart-wrenching to see some classmates go, we welcome new classmates this autumn to fill that void. New class with new teachers. Definitely new dynamics! Seasons change, so do faces. May only the best people come her way. Touching hearts, nurturing body mind and soul; and beautifully move forth with her. Amin!


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