Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Wallpaper On Door Frames

We had paint bubble defects on all our door frames since before Bean was born and The Other Half had taped down every single door frame with contact paper (wood grain design). Alhamdulillah it took care of the problem, albeit temporarily.

We knew we had to find a permanent solution so we started budgeting, did some brainstorming and debated our options. Change the door frames? That would rip apart our existing wallpaper on walls. Paint? That did not take care of those mysterious/reappearing bubbles and bursts. 

Long story cut short, today, our ID contractor finally got the wallpaper of our choice, his workmen et voilĂ ! 

We knew we found the right ID contractor when he agreed with us that this out-of-the-box-solution of applying wallpaper on door frames is something he would love to take on. 

In fact, he had been so kind as to carry out glue maintenance for our wallpaper so that we can gauge of his team is good enough for the task. The Other Half had taken this golden opportunity to pay his team for other menial tasks that other contractors will not take on. Simply because they are menial. Like cut a manhole (for air conditioning maintenance access) and repainting of plaster ceiling together with gluing back of warped wooden skirting.

Returning to the present recount of wallpaper on door frames, some run of the mill contractors suggested paint, which did not address the reappearance of bubbles, as we have tried and failed before. I guess our legwork and shortlisting of ID contractors at the KLCCC home fair worked well for us, alhamdulillah!

Certainly a life-hack we love! We eagerly anticipate the end of this little maintenance project of ours, inshaAllah by tomorrow. 

Then on to tackle a bigger project of creating a home office, a laundry room and Bean's bedroom, perhaps in 2016 inshaAllah!


  1. Your post gave me a lot of interesting ideas to try for myself. I have an online hardware store where I do a lot of my at-home shopping for projects and renovations. I might have to check them out to see what types of wallpaper items they have in stock that I can buy and try doing this for myself.

    Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware