Friday, 28 August 2015

Summer 2015 Retreat Summary: Day 1 & 2

We were away for 5D/4N not doing much, syukur alhamdulillah for the restful period at Cameron Highlands Resort.

The first day was spent travelling to Cameron Highlands via Tapah. The drive was pleasant with some rain at the lowlands. The kids especially loved spotting stray dogs and orang asal huts after Lata Iskandar before arriving at Ringlet.

The light drizzle continued after our check-in. We were very pleased to find ourselves in Jim Thompson Suite because we booked and paid for the 2 bedroom family room via Agoda. Thank you, Cameron Highlands Resort. It was a nice surprise.

After settling down and unpacking, we headed out to a halal restaurant at Hotel De La Fern for an early dinner. The rest of the evening was spent at The Playroom, washing up, ordering supper via room service and rewarding The Little Girl with stickers for successfully solving some pages of Kumon (if you are a loyal reader you would already know how The Little Girl always brings her Maths workbooks along to keep herself happily busy and engagingly challenged). Bean started coughing so I kept vigil.

Here is what we did on the second day:

The short hike did us all a whole world of good. There is a small field at the very top for scenic view of the tea hills.

We rewarded ourselves with a traditional mid-morning tea of scones served with jam and cream treat after the descent  - but the little ones cleverly chose a slice of chocolate cake instead (No clotted cream to accompany the scones much to our huge disappointment). My slice of lemon butter cake was washed down with a delicious cup of BOH brew.

After that, we brought them to yet another place to run about.

Ye Olde Smoke House was perfect spot for another light nibble while the little ones had a great time playing in cool fresh air and sunshine. 

We continued playing tourists at Kok Lim's Strawberry Farm to harvest some RM40 worth of strawberries, which we ate after a quick rinse on-site. They were absolutely fresh and nourishing! 

Here is how the strawberry bush looks like after our harvest:

We ended the day with an early evening walkabout at Lavender Garden. My lavender ice-cream smelled a lot like, unfortunately, my Dettol lavender multi-purpose cleaning liquid at home so I would highly recommend one or the other, not both! 

We had learnt that room service at Cameron Highlands Resort is only available between 7pm to 10 pm so we dined early at The Coffee Shop at Capthorne Hotel on our way back. 

At home, we typically eat our dinner around 5.30 pm because my kids go to bed early (8.30 pm to 9 pm is early by Malaysian standards).

The restaurant upstairs at Cameron Highlands Resort, Gonbei, only serves steamboat now instead of Japanese gourmet cuisine, alas. I have been looking forward to Japanese bento for dinner here, disappointingly no rezeki. Steamboat is tricky with Bean around. I bet he would have insisted on cooking the meal for us!

The other restaurant downstairs, The Dining Room, practices smart casual dressing code so we decided to keep our noisy ducklings away from other honeymooners and their romantic candle-lit dinners. 

Our saviour had to be The Children's Playroom at Oak Room which is open 24/7 and is great for kids who refuse to sleep/actually have jetlag! My lot had a jolly good time even with just 2 slides and a playhouse by Little Tikes. There was also an oversized blue ball which could not pass through the hoop. The stucked blue ball thrilled them silly. Despite the 2 TVs not working, and a few random play bricks that were lying around, my lot had a great time. They could not stop requesting for "Playset" every time we passed by throughout our stay there. 

Overall a fabulous second day, we could not have asked for more. Syukur alhamdulillah.


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