Friday, 28 August 2015

Summer 2015 Retreat Summary: Day 3

This was the day it drizzled and rained, true to its famed highland tropical weather. We enjoyed a different facet to this wonderful hill.

Here is what we did on our third day:
Bean woke up to a wonderful spread at breakfast. This turned out to be the only time he did show up for the most important meal of the day, sigh. His cough and fever kept us up at night so he slept in every morning. 

After that heavy meal, we ventured out to burn it all off.

A drive down to Blue Valley in search of Kwang & Sons Grapes and Tomatoes:
Harvest is every June and December, my lovelies. Take note.

Cherry tomatoes. Lucky us!

Evergreen aubergine.

We took a pitstop for tea bush walk and a cup of tea at Cameron Valley Bharat Plantation on our return trip from Blue

One of the highlight of Day 3 was Rose Garden. We spent a long time here admiring different varieties of flora as they  host more than just roses.

After about 101 roses later, we left smelling as sweet as tea roses; as hungry as wolves.

The closest restaurant we were familiar with was The Coffee Shop at Capthorne Hotel, formerly known as Equatorial Hotel. We sat at at the terrace al fresco to enjoy the fresh breeze.

Upon our exit from Capthorne Hotel, we stopped by EQ Organic Strawberry Farm for another plentiful harvest. No prize for guessing what we are as snack in the car on our way back to Tanah Rata.

The rest of our afternoon was spent indoors thanks to the rain. An intended visit to Brinchang Hills Mossy Forest was postponed. Instead, books were read, the Playroom was put to good use and Disney Jr. kept us entertained.

It was a memorable day, syukur alhamdulillah.


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