Thursday, 6 August 2015

Bean's First Report Card

Bean is 25 months old and has received his first report card from The Playschool today. So cute, at least to me! 

We are so proud of his achievements and milestones, as always. His singing, hearing, tempo, dancing and clapping skills fall within the outstanding band *hurrah* maybe it is the counting of 1,2,3,4 in music that had jumpstarted his numerical skills? 

We gleefully anticipated this because he would sing every last word of nursery rhymes verse. He knows at least 64 different ones (I know it is at least 64 because we have a book-CD sing-along which we have been playing on loop in the car since we had The Little Girl).

Bean loves stories and sits patiently during story time. He especially loves Cars, Cars 2 and Julia Donaldson books. He used to really enjoy Sophie and Goose series, as well as Eric Carle books. During circle time at The Playschool, he is an outstanding story time participant. Able to choose books, sit down, anticipate words and react according to emotions in any story *yay*

Speaking of Eric Carle, Bean has been reciting "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" nightly at bedtime, like his sister used to do. When he fights sleep, he will start the whole 64 nursery rhymes repertoire, which we usually cut short with Gruffalo's Child song because Bean worries about The Big Bad Mouse finding him still awake, way past his bedtime...

His wonderful caregivers also noted his preference for parallel play, while still being able to take turns, demonstrates willingness to follow 2-steps instructions, keen on familiarity with timeline and routine, has healthy appetite, shows fine and gross motor skills development etc. all those little details are so well-encapsulated in a concise progress report.

We are especially proud of his affectionate character and knowing when to stop being cheeky/dangerous. Respect for danger without compromising fun and discovery is important to us all.

May Allah swt Protect and Guide this little boy forevermore. Amin!


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